• To establish GCT as a reliable source of quality gears and equipment.
  • To establish GCT as the launch platform for quality military and SAR products in this region.




Strategic Thrusts

Our vision will be realized through 4 distinctive strategic thrusts :

  1. Continuously Redefining GCT ‘s Role  
  2. Reformulating Our Processes 
  3. Configuring Our Clients Requirement 
  4. Partnering for Success  

The 4 strategic thrusts form the blueprint for the development of our company


  • To identify and recommend relevant (neither too excessive nor impractical for a specific or range of functions) and trustworthy materials and equipment through active merchandising, quality control and business development.
  • To maintain cost effectiveness through consolidation of demand and regional distribution.
  • To strengthen Manufacturers-GCT-Clients relationship with integrated services of after-sales services, first / second line maintenance and repairs, local storage for immediate deliveries.
  • To focus on IT-based procurement systems used by Private/Government Procurement Departments.