Why GCT?

Why are we so obsessed in marketing products of extreme quality only ?

As you can see from the range of products, we market only the best available in each equipment category. We assure you that prices are definitely competitive vis-a-vis functionality, quality and durability. 


Why are the equipment guaranteed ? 

All our equipment are of reputable Brands, tested to international standards and accepted by many.There is absolutely no reason why our products cannot meet your requirement.


Why do we connect our Clients to our Manufacturers ? 

Many traders are often reluctant for Clients to meet Manufacturers. However, we believed that this mode of operation is the solution to achieve the right product for our Clients. Not only are first-hand and accurate information transpired, it also expedites the entire process. 

With strong technical support provided by reputable Manufacturers (usually with research and test capabilities), we are able to reduce our manpower requirements for technical personnel such costs savings are then passed on to our Clients. 


How do we help lower costs ? 

Generally, freight costs contribute significantly to product costs. In GCT, we lower freight costs through regional distribution, ie. goods are shipped in bulk to our location before we distribute to our Clients in this region. 

Another often-invisible component of costs goes to manpower considerations. In GCT, we work closely with the Manufacturers and tap their technical expertise, keeping our technical manpower resources to a minimum. Quality Inspections are usually carried out prior to shipment.